2017 Regina SK - Annual Meeting

Civil Section


Chart of Provincial and Territorial Legislation Complementary to Federal Criminal Legislation 2017

Charter Costs Award and Civil Damages Against the Crown – Report of the Working Group (2017)

Electronic Document Rules - Report of the Working Group (2017)

Inter-provincial-territorial Collection of Tax Debts - Report of the Working Group (2017)

Report of Senior Federal Delegate 2017

Table 5 - Uniform Acts Prepared, Adopted and Presently Recommended by the Conference for Enactment by Jurisdiction - 2000 - Present

Uniform Change of Name Amendment Act (2017)

Uniform Commercial Tenancies Act - Report of the Working Group (2017)

Uniform Franchise Act and Regulations-- Recommendations from the Canadian Franchise Association (2017)

Uniform Vital Statistics Act (2017) with Commentaries


Minutes of the Civil Section 2017

Criminal Section


Criminal Record Checks – Report of the Working Group (2017)



Criminal Section Resolutions 2017

Plenary Sessions

Opening Plenary Minutes (2017)

Joint Civil Section and Criminal Session Resolutions (2017)

Closing Plenary Minutes (2017)