Current Uniform Acts

Assisted Human Reproduction Working Group Report 2009

II.  Background to the Development of this Report

[20]    In 2002, CCSO Family Justice established a working group to look at the issues of determining parent-child status and registering births of children born as a result of (AHR).  While work initially focused on amendments to the Uniform Child Status Act, the CCSO Working Group identified that mere amendments to that uniform Act would not be possible without a more fundamental review of the policy issues involved.  Thus, beginning in 2005, the CCSO Working Group started a broader policy review and looked at a number of reports on this topic.[14] Through 2006-07, the CCSO Working Group finalized the policy approach. 

[21]    In 2007, Federal Provincial Territorial Ministers and Deputy Ministers Responsible for Justice approved the principles and policy approach proposed by the CCSO Working Group and directed that a joint working group with the Uniform Law Conference of Canada and CCSO Family Justice be formed.  This occurred in fall 2007 and the newly formed Working Group met by telephone and in person to review the existing uniform legislation, proposals and principles as endorsed by Ministers, and to address drafting policy and issues to create a new uniform Act.   

[22]    As well, representatives of the Working Group consulted on the “number of parents/multiple parent” issue, along with “posthumous conception issues” with representatives from the Vital Statistics Council and AHR Canada on June 12 and 13, 2008, in Ottawa; with representatives from AHR Canada, the Fertility and Andrology Society, and Society Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada on February 20, 2009; with representatives from the CBA having expertise in family law, wills and estates, and concerns of gay and lesbian couples in February/March/April 2009; and with legal academics in March 2009. 

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