Current Uniform Acts

Assisted Human Reproduction Working Group Report 2009

C.   Guiding Principles:

[35]    The following principles were approved by the Ministers and Deputy Ministers Responsible for Justice to guide the policy work on AHR.  The Working Group used these principles to explain and to help assess the options for reform considered and the approach recommended.

Respect Canada’s obligations under the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, including:
  • protecting the child from discrimination
  • recognizing the best interests of the child is a primary consideration
  • ensuring the status of the parent/child relationship is protected from birth[19];

- avoid the commodification of children and reproductive abilities[20];

-  promote equality of treatment of children regardless of the means of their conception[21];

- recognize that women and men perform distinct roles in reproduction, which may merit distinct treatment for the woman who gives birth;
  • while recognizing that generally a child has a maximum of two legal parents, there are specific situations where it is appropriate to recognize additional legal parents (added this year by the Working Group - changed from the previous principle of two legal parents); and
  • promote clarity and certainty of parent/child status at the earliest possible time in the child’s life (added this year by the Working Group).

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