Current Uniform Acts

International Protection of Adults - Hague Convention


Article 13

1. In exercising their jurisdiction under the provisions of Chapter II, the authorities of the Contracting States shall apply their own law.

2. However, in so far as the protection of the person or the property of the adult requires, they may exceptionally apply or take into consideration the law of another State with which the situation has a substantial connection.

Article 14

Where a measure taken in one Contracting State is implemented in another Contracting State, the conditions of its implementation are governed by the law of that other State.

Article 15

1. The existence, extent, modification and extinction of powers of representation granted by an adult, either under an agreement or by a unilateral act, to be exercised when such adult is not in a position to protect his or her interests, are governed by the law of the State of the adult's habitual residence at the time of the agreement or act, unless one of the laws mentioned in paragraph 2 has been designated expressly in writing.

2. The States whose laws may be designated are -
  • a) a State of which the adult is a national;
  • b) the State of a former habitual residence of the adult;
  • c) a State in which property of the adult is located, with respect to that property.
3. The manner of exercise of such powers of representation is governed by the law of the State in which they are exercised.

Article 16

Where powers of representation referred to in Article 15 are not exercised in a manner sufficient to guarantee the protection of the person or property of the adult, they may be withdrawn or modified by measures taken by an authority having jurisdiction under the Convention. Where such powers of representation are withdrawn or modified, the law referred to in Article 15 should be taken into consideration to the extent possible.

Article 17

1. The validity of a transaction entered into between a third party and another person who would be entitled to act as the adult's representative under the law of the State where the transaction was concluded cannot be contested, and the third party cannot be held liable, on the sole ground that the other person was not entitled to act as the adult's representative under the law designated by the provisions of this Chapter, unless the third party knew or should have known that such capacity was governed by the latter law.

2. The preceding paragraph applies only if the transaction was entered into between persons present on the territory of the same State.

Article 18

The provisions of this Chapter apply even if the law designated by them is the law of a non-Contracting State.

Article 19

In this Chapter the term "law" means the law in force in a State other than its choice of law rules.

Article 20

This Chapter does not prevent the application of those provisions of the law of the State in which the adult is to be protected where the application of such provisions is mandatory whatever law would otherwise be applicable.

Article 21

The application of the law designated by the provisions of this Chapter can be refused only if this application would be manifestly contrary to public policy.

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