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Enforcement of Foreign Judgments, Implementation of Canada-France Convention 1997

Civil Section Documents - Enforcement of Foreign Judgments, Implementation of the Canada-France Convention


The working group on foreign judgments was created as a result of the decision made by the Uniform Law Conference at its August 1996 meeting that the topic of general enforcement of foreign judgments, including that of the implementation of the Canada-France Convention, be on the agenda for its August 1997 meeting in Whitehorse, Yukon.

The working group was composed of:

Joost Blom, Faculty of Law, University of British Columbia
Jacqueline Caron, Government of Canada - DFAIT
Arthur Close, B.C. Law Institute
John Gregory, Government of Ontario
Russell Getz, Government of British Columbia
Steven Hartley, CBA National International Law Section
Mary Ann Kelly, Barrister and Solicitor, Toronto
John McEvoy, CBA New Brunswick
Tim Rattenbury, Government of New Brunswick
Frédérique Sabourin, Government of Quebec
Greg Steele, CBA - British Columbia
Louise Lussier, Government of Canada - Justice, as coordinator.

The following members were part of the sub-group on the implementation of the Canada-France Convention: John Gregory, Mary Ann Kelly, Jacqueline Caron and Louise Lussier.

The working group met a number of times through conference calls between January and May 1997. It has agreed that three possible options regarding the format of a uniform implementing act be proposed for discussion at the ULC August 1997 meeting as follows:

Option 1: The traditional ULC approach;
Option 2: A specific act with substantive provisions;
Option 3: Incorporation of implementing provisions in a general statute.

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