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117 The Sale of Goods Act is repealed except with respect to contracts of sale entered into before the day on which this Act comes into force.

1990 Final Report to the Uniform Law Conference of Canada

Submitted by Saskatchewan


In 1981, the Conference passed the following resolution with respect to the Uniform Sale of Goods Act:

RESOLVED that the report and the draft Uniform Sale of Goods Act (Appendix 5, page 185) be received and printed in the Proceedings with comments on the sections; that the draft be referred to the Legislative Drafting Section to review the drafting; that the product be adopted by the Conference as a Uniform Act and recommended for enactment in that form; and that the adopted Uniform Act be printed in the 1982 Proceedings.

It was agreed that Saskatchewan would prepare a draft Act based on the recommendations of the Sale of Goods Committee. The Act was then published in the Conferences 1982 Proceedings.

In 1985, the following resolution was adopted by the Conference:

RESOLVED that the Sale of Goods Committee be revived, and the Committee be invited, assisted by the members of the Legislative Drafting Committee, to review all the changes made by the Legislative Drafting Committee and to recommend to the Conference what should be done with them.

It was determined that Saskatchewan would review comments made by the Sale of Goods Committee concerning changes to the Uniform Sale of Goods Act. In 1987, a Progress Report recommended amendments to the Act, and in 1989 further amendments were made. All amendments were approved in 1989, and Saskatchewan has been asked to set them out in one document, so that the Uniform Sale of Goods Act may be adopted.

Amendments to the Uniform Sale of Goods Act are set out below.

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