Closing Plenary Session Minutes 2006

Report from the Publications Committee

Chris Curran stated that hard copies of his report were distributed to the delegates earlier in the week. He asked for comments or questions on the report. In the absence of comments and questions, he presented the following resolution:

MOVED THAT the report of the Publications Committee be received. THAT the Conference continue to publish a hard copy of the Proceedings of the Conference in the present format containing a cumulative record of discussion, including the Uniform Acts and Commentaries and the background reports on which the Uniform Acts are based. THAT the hard copy version of the Consolidation of Uniform Acts be discontinued once the Consolidation is added to the Website and THAT a letter be sent, advising the subscribers to the Consolidation of this fact and providing them with information as to where they can find the Consolidation on the ULCC Website site and thanking them for their continued interest in our work.

The resolution was seconded by Arthur Close. Motion carried.

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