Closing Plenary Session Minutes 2006

Report from the Host Jurisdiction for the 2007 Annual Conference

On behalf of Prince Edward Island, Katharine Tummon stated that she would like to welcome all of the delegates to Prince Edward Island in 2007. The conference in 2007 is not going to be in August. August is an extremely busy time on the Island. The ULCC kindly agreed to move it to September. The dates are September 9 to September 13. The rooms have been blocked for the 8th because it is difficult to get on the Island particularly from the West. She encouraged delegates to arrive on the Saturday. There are direct flights both from Toronto and Montreal.

The conference will be held in the Rodd Charlottetown, the old railway hotel in downtown Charlottetown. Since the Rodd could not provide the sufficient number of rooms, there will also be bookings at a number of Inns in Charlottetown. They have booked 20 rooms at the Inn on Great George. These are beautiful rooms. They line the street that John A. and Cartier walked up from the harbour to Province House to initiate the discussions on Confederation. They have also booked a block of rooms at the Dundee Arms, which is another lovely inn. It is immediately adjacent to the Rodd Charlottetown. The rooms at the inns and at the Rodd are almost the same price. The room rates on the Island are fairly high until you reach October. They will be approximately $195, but the inns are B&Bs so you will get breakfast at the inns. The Dundee Arms is quite a bit less. It is a nice hotel. It is not something that you have to worry about. It is about $140.00. It is immediately adjacent to the Rodd Charlottetown.

She believes that delegates will find Charlottetown a lovely city to be in. It is very relaxed, it is easy to walk around and it is very safe. Delegates will find that they can just enjoy their time doing walking tours and dropping into the little shops and restaurants. There are lots of lovely small restaurants. One point that the Executive Director asked that she emphasize is that when delegates receive the hotel reservation forms, they should book as soon as possible since this is a bit trickier than the usual hotel bookings because of the different locations and because it is a very busy time for hotels and inns on the Island.

September on the Island is one of the most beautiful months of the year. It is a warm month. Delegates should consider extending their visit. There are a number of golf courses on the Island that you can take advantage of. Kayaking will still be going on and there are marvellous biking tours. When the bridge was put in the Island and the railway was taken up, all the railway lines were made up into bicycling trails. You can bike from Charlottetown to each end of the Island without ever hitting a road. It is a lovely way to see the Island.

She then thanked everyone who offered help for next year. In particular, she thanked the Alberta crew for putting on such a perfect show so that she could see how to do it and try to emulate it. She wanted to thank the two real islanders who offered to assist, Janice Brown and Kendra Wright. She looks forward to seeing everyone next year.

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