Closing Plenary Session Minutes 2006

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The Chair stated that Arthur Close is currently the Executive Director of the British Columbia Law Institute. Arthur has let it be known that his current intention is that in March he will step down from that position. That being the case, he will no longer be at the ULCC as a delegate from the B.C. Law Institute. But, Arthur has also indicated that he fully expects to be here as a Presenter and perhaps in some other role and we will hold him to that should he go ahead with his plans to step down.

The ULCC is 88 years old. For 28 or those years, since 1978, Arthur has graced us with his presence, his knowledge and his ability. He told Arthur that he was not leaving until he could say a few things about him.

Arthur graduated from the British Columbia University Law School, and it won't come as any surprise to those that know him, that he was the Gold Medalist. After a short stint in private practice, he joined what was then the Law Reform Commission of British Columbia in 1972 and he was with the Law Reform Commission from 1972 until 1997 when that organization was disbanded. He served the Commission as Counsel, as Commissioner and lastly as Chair. I am told that he was the principal author of at least 41 reports in addition to working papers and other study papers.

In 1997 Arthur led the charge and formed the British Columbia Law Institute, which has carried on the great work of the B.C. Law Commission. That is a brief summary of Arthur the scholar, and Arthur the lawyer. He believes that to all who know him, it is Arthur the person that they hold in the highest regard. He has great integrity, he is reliable, he is honest and trustworthy and you can count on Arthur to get anything done. So Arthur, if you decide to step down as you say you might, please take with you our deepest respect, our profound admiration and our ongoing best wishes for your future. He thanked Arthur. There followed a round of applause for Arthur Close.

Arthur Close responded that he was very touched by those words and was most appreciative. As indicated, his links with the Law Institute may be dissolved in the way they are now, but certainly he has a great affection for the ULCC, and if there is any way that he can maintain the attachment to it, in one capacity or another, he will be here in person, and if he cannot make it in person, certainly his heart will be here.

The Chair thanked Arthur and commented that we will happily hold him to that commitment.


There being no further business, the Chair declared that this annual meeting of the Uniform Law Conference of Canada stands adjourned. He thanked all of the delegates for their participation, their help and stated that the strength of the Conference is the people involved and that he looked forward to their continued contributions. He looks forward to seeing everyone in Prince Edward Island in 2007.

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