Closing Plenary Session Minutes 2006


Report of the Nominating Committee

Chris Curran commented that historically, the practice has been to alternative between a Civil and a Criminal Section President and that this practice has served the ULCC very well. The practice was supported by the two and one year term respectively of the Civil and Criminal Section Chairs of the ULCC. This practice was changed four or five years ago when the ULCC initiated a new practice of one year Civil Section Chairs and a recognition that from time to time needs might arise that would require that the ULCC be flexible in meeting new challenges and special requirements. With this in mind, he has consulted with Past Presidents attending this year's conference. There was recognition amongst all Past Presidents that we are entering an exciting period of growth in our involvement on the international front with our American and Mexican colleagues and that in 2008 the conference will be hosted in Quebec City during its 400th anniversary year. The latter, it was agreed by all, accentuates the desirability of having a completely bilingual President that year. He was pleased to announce that the decision of the Committee is that the incoming Vice-President will be our esteemed colleague Kathryn Sabo from the federal delegation. He thanked Kathryn Sabo for agreeing to take on this task. He knows that she and John Twohig will be a great team for the 2007 conference in Prince Edward Island, and that Kathryn will then be in line to assume the President's chair in 2008 in Quebec City.

He then reported that Brian Greer would be stepping down as Chair of the Drafting Section in 2007. He is taking a sabbatical and will do some travel. Brian Greer indicated that he was able to provide a new Chair for the Drafting Section, and that the new Chair will be Valerie Perry, Senior Legislative Counsel for Manitoba. He thanked Brian Greer for his 20 year commitment to the Conference and said that we are looking forward to working with Valerie Perry and colleagues in Manitoba in having the Conference's needs on the drafting side addressed.

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