Closing Plenary Session Minutes 2006

Comments from the Incoming President

John Twohig said that it was certainly an honour to take on this role and that he was encouraged and comforted as he looked around the room and saw the faces of the Past Presidents who have already been great sources of inspiration to him. He looks forward to doing the best that he can and to not only maintain the great tradition of the ULCC, but to improve it in any way possible. He believes that those who have been with the Conference even more than two or three years can see the rapid change in growth in new activities that we have been involved in, the latest of which of course have been our involvement with Mexico and the United States.

He could not let this opportunity pass without recognizing the contributions and efforts of our outgoing Past President, Chris Curran. Chris now leaves the Executive. Everyone will know the great energy and enthusiasm that Chris brought to bear during his time on the Executive. Chris pulled off that rare double of not only being President, but also being the host of the jurisdiction last year, which is a very difficult task and one which Chris accomplished with great ease. We do appreciate all that he has done over the years. Chris has promised to continue his association with the ULCC and as Deputy Minister, he will join another illustrious Past President, Doug Moen, at the table of Deputy Ministers. Having those two strong voices there is extremely important to the ULCC.

He then wanted to say a few words about Rob Finlayson. He was of course delighted and somewhat on edge when he heard that Rob had been appointed to the Bench in January. He assumed that there was a very good chance that this would require him to resign as President of the ULCC. It is something that he could have done and nobody would have thought otherwise about it because it is certainly a significant change in duties. But Rob, being reliable and dutiful, stuck with it with some adjustments and we are certainly are appreciative of him doing that. He commented that it was a great privilege to have served with Rob as President. Looking back on Rob's tenure, he looks towards his efforts of having joint projects between the Criminal Section and the Civil Section. Rob provided great inspiration for the development of joint projects. In addition to this Rob wanted to see that the cooperation with the United States and Mexico was enhanced. Rob was always that calm and balanced presence and John thinks that Rob helped things flourish in all of the things that he undertook. In concluding, he repeated the thanks already given to those who made this year's meeting such a success.

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