Civil Section Minutes 2007

Standing Committee of Attorneys General (Australia and New Zealand)

Presenters: Ian Govey, Deputy Secretary, Civil Justice and Legal Services, Commonwealth Attorney General’s Department

Laurie Glanfield, Director General, Attorney General’s Department of New South Wales and Secretary of SCAG

Mr. Govey remarked that they were very pleased to be the first Australians at the ULCC and noted how much we share – not only our common law tradition, but also the way in which we approach law reform. He had already benefited from the exchange of information – for example, they are looking at a major project on securities law and will benefit from the work being done by the ULCC and in Canada on this issue – and hoped that we would be able to work together in the future. Mr. Govey also noted that the connection with the U.S. and Mexico greatly enhances the work of the ULCC. In providing an outline of his and Mr. Glanfield’s departments, he noted that Australia consists of the Commonwealth and states and that each jurisdiction has its own constitutional jurisdiction and has developed its own approach to areas of law. SCAG is one body that tries to bring some of these issues together.

Mr. Glanfield noted that SCAG is more akin to a federal/provincial/territorial government body, and that there is nothing similar to the ULCC in Australia. Nevertheless, Australia has a good record for uniform law, citing, for example, evidence legislation; corporations legislation; apology legislation (which was a part of a national tort law reform); legal professions legislation and defamation legislation. He looks forward to working with the ULCC, and sharing experiences and information, in the future.

Mr. Govey noted 6 current projects:

  • personal property security;
  • privacy;
  • the Hague Convention on service of documents;
  • limitation periods; and
  • statutory declarations.

He reiterated that it was very timely sharing in the deliberations of the ULCC, and that he looks forward to working with the ULCC in the future.


THAT the ULCC express its thanks to Justice Martha Walters, President of the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws, Dr. Jorge Sánchez Cordero, Director of the Mexican Uniform Law Centre and Mssrs. Ian Govey and Laurie Glanfield of the Standing Committee of Attorneys General for their interesting and informative presentations.

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