Commercial Law Strategy Activities Report 2002


The Commercial Law Strategy, like any project of its kind, has experienced its challenges, successes, rewards, disappointments and frustrations. This is good sign as it indicates that the Strategy is a vibrant, living project!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank a number of individuals who have helped me in various ways during the past year:

  • my chair, Ken Morlock, for his continuous support and guidance. His resignation was one of the disappointments of the past year and I will miss him greatly. I am nevertheless pleased that he will continue to serve as a member of the Steering Committee for he has a wealth of knowledge, wisdom and experience to bring to our deliberations;

  • the members of the Strategy's Steering Committee (whose names appear in Appendix "F") whose combined knowledge, good will, experience and enthusiasm enrich our discussions;

  • the President of the Civil Section, Susan Amrud, who has continued to guide us in her usual efficient manner;

  • Arthur Close, President of the Conference, who spent countless hours working on the funding proposal which will assure the continued financial viability of the Strategy;

  • the Jurisdictional Representatives who provided me with information on activities in their jurisdictions and assisted in arranging meetings with their government representatives; and

  • Claudette Racette - for her book-keeping and accounting support

I would also like to extend a warm welcome to my new chair, Jennifer Babe. Jennifer and I have known each for many years through our involvement with the CBA and OBA. Jennifer is a very experienced commercial lawyer and is well respected both by her peers and her clients. I am delighted that she has agreed to take on the position of Chair of the Steering Committee of the Commercial Law Strategy and look forward to working with her during the coming year.

The Commercial Law Strategy is an exciting initiative with great potential for Canada and Canadians and I am proud to be a part of it. No doubt we will experience some ups and downs as we move towards our long-term goal of creating a comprehensive framework of harmonized modern commercial law in Canada. However, with the active participation of all stakeholders and the financial and political support of all levels of government, we will succeed in attaining this goal.

As a Canadian and on behalf of all Canadians who will be the ultimate beneficiaries of the improved commercial law infrastructure we are seeking to create, I wish to thank the federal, provincial and territorial governments for their vision and continued financial support of the Strategy.

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