Draft Convention on International Interests in Mobile Equipment 2001


1. It was noted that this definition should be further reviewed.

2. This paragraph should be reviewed by the Diplomatic Conference with regard to the question whether in its line 2 it should also make reference to joint registration facilities under Article 77 of the Chicago Convention of 1944.

3. The drafting of this Article should be reviewed by the Diplomatic Conference.

4. This Article should be reviewed by the Diplomatic Conference with a view to determining the provisions to be inserted.

5. At the third Joint Session the Chairman invited three delegations to develop proposals designed to bring Chapter IX more into line with national legal systems under which an assignment of associated rights would carry with it the interest securing those rights. A proposal containing two alternatives was discussed but there was insufficient time to give the alternatives full consideration. Substantial support for the approach taken in the proposal was expressed. However, it was agreed that the alternatives required further careful study by experts and a number of delegations expressed their wish to proceed with further informal consultations. This matter was not further discussed at the 31st Session of the ICAO Legal Committee.

6. The removal of square brackets in Article 45(1)(c) may have implications for this provision.

7. * Cross-references to be confirmed. It was noted that this provision would require further technical consideration. However, this matter was not discussed by the third Joint Session Plenary, nor by the 31st Session of the ICAO Legal Committee.

8. * This Article should be further reviewed by the Diplomatic Conference.

9. * This provision may be modified or deleted depending on the final form of the future UNCITRAL Convention

10. * The ICAO Legal Committee, while maintaining both Alternatives A and B, expressed the view that in case Alternative B was selected, the fees charged with respect to these transactions should be nominal.

11. * Select the term that reflects the relevant nationality registration criterion.

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