Data Protection 1999

Winnipeg MB
August 1999

Data Protection

[1] Following the tabling of Bill C-54 in October 1998, a group of officials from the federal, provincial and territorial governments was established to consult on matters arising from the introduction of Bill C-54. During a conference call on December 2, 1998, the ULCC Steering Committee, decided that the ULCC, while willing to consider how they could assist in provincial harmonization, would not continue its work on model privacy legislation unless requested by the FPT Discussion Group. The ULCC subsequently suspended its work on the project and the Discussion Group was advised of the ULCC Steering Group's decision on December 11, 1998.

[2] At its meeting on December 11, 1998, the FPT Discussion Group concluded that it was not appropriate for the Discussion Group to mandate the ULCC to continue work on privacy legislation, that there will be a need for provincial discussions on harmonization, if only among those provinces that had decided to legislate, and that the ULCC could play a useful role in those discussions. There was no agreement on when such discussions might be needed. The FPT Discussion Group acknowledged that the ULCC's decision to continue or suspend its work on model privacy legislation would be up to the ULCC.

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