Towards Commercial Law Framework for Canada 1998


In order for a project of this nature to be successful, leadership is essential. There are three basic components required.

a. Political Commitment - Our political leadership in the federal government as well as the provinces and territories needs to see the value of a national vision around commercial law reform. There needs to be some commitment to the principles of harmonization and the recognition of the need to have a legal commercial infrastructure that is predictable, responsive and efficient.

b. A Dynamic Consensus - There needs to be support at the grass roots level for such an enterprise. Canadian governments, business, consumer organizations, the academic community and the legal community must, first of all, see value in this work and secondly must be willing to support it politically and financially. The reality is that without this support, this project will not succeed.

c. Tasking - There must be an orderly effort at delivering the goods . It is one thing to establish a framework, it is quite another to be able to co-ordinate the work necessary to make the strategy a reality over the next decade. The ULCC is probably the only organization best suited to undertaking this work assuming that it is supported by the commitments referred to above. It must be done in such a way that political leadership and stakeholders always have a concept of overall conceptual goals and timelines.

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