2013 Victoria BC Annual Meeting


Annual Proceedings

Annual Proceedings

Civil Section


Complementary Provincial/Territorial Legislation Chart

Draft New Uniform International Commercial Arbitration Act

Draft Principles for Drafting Uniform Legislation for the Implementation of International Conventions

Draft Uniform Wills Act Worksheet

Final Report and Commentary of the Working Group on New Uniform Arbitration Legislation

Final Report and Commentary on New Uniform Arbitration Legislation

Interim Report - Vital Statistics Act Project 2014-2017

Interim Report on the Hague Convention on the Law Applicable to Certain Rights in Respect of Securities Held with an Intermediary

Interjurisdictional Recognition of Substitute Decision-Making Documents Act

Interjurisdictional Subpoena Act

Model Election Amendment Act and Commentaries - Voting by Students and Members of the Canadian Forces - Report of Working Group

Report of the Senior Federal Delegate

UN Convention on Independent Guarantees and Stand-by Letters of Credit - Report of Working Group

Uniform Commercial Tenancies Act - Progress Report

Uniform Independent Guarantees and Letters of Credit Act - Draft

Uniform Interjurisdictional Subpoena Act Project - Report of the Working Group

Uniform Interpretation Act - Interim Report of the Working Group

Uniform Missing Persons Act - Report of Working Group with Uniform Act and Commentaries

Uniform Rules to Implement the Hague Convention on the Service Aborad of Judicial and Extrajudicial Documents in Civil or Commercial Matters


Civil Section Minutes


Civil Section Resolutions

Criminal Section


Complementary Provincial/Territorial Legislation Chart

Contradictory Evidence: Criminal Liability for Recanted K.G.B. Statements

Criminal Section Rules of Procedure 2013

Enforcement of Extra-Provincial Search Warrants

Presentation - Canadian Victims Bill of Rights

Statutory Exemptions to Mandatory Minimum Penalties: Final Report


Criminal Section Minutes


Criminal Section Resolutions

Plenary Sessions

Advisory Committee on Program Development and Management Report 

Closing Plenary Minutes 

Opening Plenary Minutes


































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