Current Uniform Acts

Uniform Acts

Uniform Acts are the usual 'product' of the Civil Section of the Conference. They are adopted and recommended for enactment by the jurisdictions (provinces and territories and sometimes the federal government as well).

On this site, clicking on the name of the Uniform Act will take you to a page showing the current version of the Act itself and the background papers that led up to it, a kind of legislative history, as well as information on where it has been enacted. For documents created since the Conference went online in 1994, the link will be to the actual document, in most cases. For documents created before 1994, the reference will be to the appropriate volume in the Proceedings of annual meetings.

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Uniform Rules for Service in a Contracting State to the Convention on the Service Abroad of Judicial and Extrajudicial Documents in Civil and Commercial Matters
Hague Convention - Child Abduction - Uniform Act (1989)
Policy Paper on Apology Legislation
Uniform Apology Act (2007)
Arbitration Amendment Act (2002)
Uniform Arbitration Act (1990)
Uniform Assignment of Receivables in International Trade Act
Uniform Change of Name Act
Charitable Fundraising Act
Uniform Child Evidence Act
Uniform Child Status Act 2010
2000 Elements of Workplan for Development of a Uniform Enforcement of Civil Judgments Act
2001 Civil Enforcement of Judgements Project Progress Report
2002 Second Progress Report on the Civil Enforcement of Judgments Project
Uniform Civil Enforcement of Money Judgments Act (2004)
Class Proceedings amendment - multijurisdictional proceedings
Consolidated Uniform Class Proceedings Act (2006)
Règles uniformes visant la signification dans les autres états contractants à la Convention de la Haye relative à la signification et la notification à l'étranger des actes judiciaires et extrajudiciaires en matière civile et commerciale - Règles et comme
Uniform Class Proceedings Act (1996)
Condominium Insurance - Uniform Provisions (1973)
Conflict of Laws (Traffic Accidents) Act
Commentary on Cost of Credit Disclosure Act 1998
Uniform Cost of Credit Disclosure Act 1998
Court Jurisdiction and Proceedings Transfer Act
Court Orders Compliance Act
Uniform Criminal Injuries Compensation Act (1970)
Criminals' Exploitation of Violent Crime Act (1997)
Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act
Uniform Defamation Act (1994)
Uniform Dependants' Relief Act (1974)
Uniform Devolution of Real Property Act (1962)
Domicile Act
Uniform Drafting Conventions
Uniform Effect of Adoption Act (1969)
Electronic Commerce Act
Electronic Commerce Act Annotated 1999
1994 Electronic Evidence: Computer Produced Records in Court Proceedings
1995 Electronic Evidence Act Proposals
1996 Electronic Evidence
1997 Electronic Evidence Act Consultation Paper
1997 Electronic Evidence Act with Comments
Uniform Electronic Evidence Act (1998)
Enforcement of Canadian Judgments and Decrees Amendment Act
Enforcement of Canadian Decrees Act 1999
Enforcement of Canadian Judgments Act 1996
Enforcement of Canadian Judgments Act Amendment Act
Enforcement of Canadian Judgments and Decrees Act
Uniform Enforcement of Foreign Judgments Act (2003)
Uniform Evidence Act (1982)
Uniform Family Support Act (1980)
Fatal Accidents Act
Foreign Money Claims Act 1990
Franchises Act and Regulations
Uniform Frustrated Contracts Act (1974)
Advance Directives in Health Care (1996)
Uniform Highway Traffic and Vehicles Act (1962)
Uniform Hotelkeepers Act (1969)
Uniform Human Tissue Donation Act (1990)
Illegal Contracts Act
Income Trusts Act
Uniform Information Reporting Act
Inter-Jurisdictional Child Welfare Orders Act 1989
Hague Convention- Intercountry Adoption - Uniform Act 1996
Uniform International Commercial Arbitration Act (1987)
International Commercial Mediation - b-note
International Commercial Mediation - report
International Commercial Mediation Act
International Factoring (Unidroit Convention) Act
International Financial Leasing (Undroit Convention) Act 1996
International Interests in Mobile Equipment Act 2001
International Protection of Adults - Hague Convention
International Protection of Adults - Implementation Act
Uniform International Sale of Goods Act (1986)
Uniform International Sales Conventions Act (1998)
Uniform International Trusts Act (Hague Convention) (1989)
Uniform Interpretation Act (1973)
Uniform Interpretation Act (1984)
Interprovincial Subpoena Act
Uniform Intestate Succession Act (1986)
Judgment Interest Act
Jurisdiction and Choice of Law Rules in Domestic Property Proceedings Act
Uniform Jurors Act (1976)
Uniform Legitimacy Act (-1962)
Amending the Liens Act - Extract from Prof Cuming's 1999 article
Draft Uniform Liens Act 1995
Liens Act 1996
Liens Act 2000
Report on Amending the Liens Act 2000
Liens and Arbitration Provisions
Uniform Limitations Act (2005)
Maintenance and Custody Enforcement Act
Mandatory Testing and Disclosure Act (2004)
Uniform Married Women's Property Act (-1962)
Uniform Medical Consent of Minors Act (1975)
Uniform Mental Health Act (1987)
Model Administrative Procedure Code (1991)
Model Law on Limited Liability Partnerships (2000)
Uniform Occupiers' Liability Act (1973)
Parental Responsibility and Measures For Protection of Children
Uniform Partnerships Registration Act (1962)
Perpetuities Act
Study Committee Report on Reform of Secured Transactions Law 2001
Uniform Personal Property Security Act
Uniform Powers of Attorney Act (1978)
Uniform Presumption of Death Act (1976)
Uniform Privacy Act (Tort) (1994)
Uniform Proceedings Against the Crown Act (-1962)
Uniform Product Liability Act
Uniform Public Inquiries Act (2004)
Canada UK Convention - Recognition and Enforcement of Judgments 1983
Registered Plan (Retirement Income) Exemption Act (1999)
Uniform Regulations Act (1983)
Uniform Regulatory Offences Procedure Act (1992)
Retirement Plan Beneficiaries Act (1975)
Uniform Reviewable Transactions Act (2012)
Uniform Sale of Goods Act
Securities Transfer Act
ICSID - Uniform Settlement of International Investment Disputes Act (1997)
Implementation - Uniform Acts adopted since 2000
Table V - Uniform Acts Adopted Since 2000, Showing Implementation by Jurisdiction
Uniform Survival of Actions Act (1963)
Uniform Survivorship Act (1971)
Uniform Testamentary Additions to Trusts Act (1968)
Uniform Trade Secrets Act (1989)
Transboundary Pollution Reciprocal Access Act
Conflict of Laws in Trusts Act
Uniform Unclaimed Intangible Property Act
Unincorporated Non-Profit Associations Act
Uniform Vital Statistics Act (1987)
Draft Uniform Documents of Title Act
Uniform Warehouse Receipts Act (-1962)
Proposed Amendment to the Wills Act 2003
Wills Amendment Act 2000


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