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Amending the Interpretation Act in Bill S-4
Bijuralism and Harmonization: Genesis
Bijuralism in Canada and the World
Harmonization of Bankruptcy Legislation
Harmonization of Federal Tax Legislation
Harmonization: Methodology and Technology
Portrait of a Legal Harmonizer
S-4: First Harmonization Bill
Security Mechanisms in the Bankruptcy Act
Supplementary Note to Bill S-4
Supreme Court of Canada and Bijuralism
Supreme Court, Bijuralism and the Civil Code of Quebec
Table I: Uniform Acts adopted or recommended by the ULCC
Table III: Pre-2000 Uniform Acts enacted, by statute
Table IV: Pre-2000 Uniform Acts enacted, by jurisdiction
Arbitration Amendment Act (2002)
Judicial Interpretation of the Uniform Arbitration Act 1995
Liens and Arbitration Provisions
Mechanics' Liens and Arbitration Agreements 1995
Uniform Arbitration Act (1990)
Uniform Arbitration Act (1995 amendments)
Bulk Sales Act
Uniform Contributory Fault Act
Commentary on Cost of Credit Disclosure Act 1998
Electronic Commerce Act - Draft With Comments 1998
Electronic Commerce report 1997
Electronic Commerce update 2000
Internet Civil Jurisdiction (Geist) 2001
Jurisdiction and the Internet Are the Traditional Rules Enough 1998
Online Consumer Protection - Study on Regulatory Jurisdiction in Canada 2001
Online Dispute Resolution and Avoidance in Electronic Commerce 1999
Policy Considerations Behind Legislation Recognizing Electronic Signatures 1998
Providing for Autonomous Electronic Devices in the Electronic Commerce Act 1999
Real Estate Transactions in the Uniform Electronic Commerce Act (including Commentary to s. 2 (Application) 2011
Uniform Electronic Commerce Act (1999)
Uniform Electronic Commerce Act (consol 2011)
Uniform Electronic Commerce Act Annotated 1999
1994 Electronic Evidence: Computer Produced Records in Court Proceedings
1995 Electronic Evidence Act Proposals
1996 Electronic Evidence
1997 Electronic Evidence Act Consultation Paper
1997 Electronic Evidence Act with Comments
Uniform Electronic Evidence Act (1998)
Intercountry Adoption (Hague Convention) Act 1996
Uniform Interprovincial Subpoenas Act (2001 consolidation)
Amending the Liens Act - Extract from Prof Cuming's 1999 article
Draft Uniform Liens Act 1995
Liens Act 1996
Liens Act 2000
Liens and Arbitration Provisions 2000
Report on Amending the Liens Act 2000
Report on Commercial Liens 1994
Uniform Service of Process by Mail Act (1962)
Uniform Statutes Act (1975)
International Factoring (Unidroit Convention) Act
International Financial Leasing (Undroit Convention) Act 1996
Accumulations Act
Uniform Bills of Sale Act
Child Status Act 1992
Uniform Limitation of Actions Act (1976)
Trustee Act - Act to Amend the Uniform Trustee Act re Trustee Investments 1970
Trustee Investment Act 1997
Variation of Trusts Act
Warehousemen's Lien Act


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