Older Uniform Acts

Uniform Effect of Adoption Act (1969)

Effect of Adoption Act

(1969 Proceedings, pages 25, 135)

Effect of adoption order

1. (1) For all purposes, as of the date of the making of an adoption order,

(a) the adopted child becomes the child of the adopting parent and the adopting parent becomes the parent of the adopted child; and

(b) the adopted child ceases to be the child of the person who was his parent before the adoption order was made and that person ceases to be the parent of the adopted child,

as if the adopted child had been born in lawful wedlock to the adopting parent.


(2) The relationship to one another of all persons (whether the adopted child, the adopting parent, the kindred of the adopting parent, the parent before the adoption order was made, the kindred of that former parent or any other person) shall, for all purposes, be determined in accordance with subsection (1).

Application of section

(3) This section applies and shall be deemed to have always applied with respect to any adoption made under any legislation heretofore in force, but not so as to affect any interest in property or right that has vested before the commencement of this section.

Wills and other documents

2. In any will or other document, whether heretofore or hereafter made, unless the contrary is expressed, a reference to a person or group or class of persons described in terms of relationship by blood or marriage to another person shall be deemed to refer to or to include, as the case may be, a person who comes within the description as a result of his own adoption or the adoption of another person.

Adoptions effected outside Province

3. An adoption effected according to the law of any other province of Canada or of any other country, or part thereof, before or after the commencement of this section, has the same effect in this Province as an adoption under this Act.

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