Older Uniform Acts

Electronic Commerce Act

August 1999


1. The definitions in this section apply in this Act.

(a) "electronic" includes created, recorded, transmitted or stored in digital form or in other intangible form by electronic, magnetic or optical means or by any other means that has capabilities for creation, recording, transmission or storage similar to those means and "electronically" has a corresponding meaning.

(b) "electronic signature" means information in electronic form that a person has created or adopted in order to sign a document and that is in, attached to or associated with the document .

(c) "Government" means       
  • (i) the Government of [enacting jurisdiction];
  • (ii) any department, agency or body of the Government of [enacting jurisdiction], [other than Crown Corporations incorporated by or under a law of [enacting jurisdiction]]; and
  • [(iii) any city, metropolitan authority, town, village, township, district or [rural municipality or other municipal body, however designated, incorporated or established by or under a law of [enacting jurisdiction].]

2. (1) Subject to this section, this Act applies in respect of [enacting jurisdiction] law.

(2)The [appropriate authority] may, by [statutory instrument], specify provisions of or requirements under [enacting jurisdiction] law in respect of which this Act does not apply.

(3) This Act does not apply in respect of
  • (a) wills and their codicils;
  • (b) trusts created by wills or by codicils to wills;
  • (c) powers of attorney, to the extent that they are in respect of the financial affairs or personal care of an individual;
  • (d) documents that create or transfer interests in land and that require registration to be effective against third parties.
(4) Except for Part 3, this Act does not apply in respect of negotiable instruments, including negotiable documents of title.

(5) Nothing in this Act limits the operation of any provision of [enacting jurisdiction] law that expressly authorizes, prohibits or regulates the use of electronic documents.

(6) The [appropriate authority] may, by [statutory instrument], amend subsection (3) to add any document or class of documents, or to remove any document or class of documents previously added under this subsection.

(7) For the purpose of subsection (5), the use of words and expressions like "in writing" and "signature" and other similar words and expressions does not by itself prohibit the use of electronic documents.


3. This Act binds the Crown.


4. The provisions of this Act relating to the satisfaction of a requirement of law apply whether the law creates an obligation or provides consequences for doing something or for not doing something.

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