Older Uniform Acts

Uniform Regulations Act (1983)

April 1983


1. In this act,

(a) "local authority" means (each province define);

(b) "minister" means the member of the Executive Council charged by order of the Lieutenant Governor in Council with the administration of this Act;

(c) "registrar" means the Registrar of Regulations;

(d) "regulation" means a regulation, as defined in the Interpretation Act,

(i) of a legislative nature,

(ii) made after the coming into force of this Act under a power in an Act where the word ("regulation")* is used in conferring the power, or

(iii) identified in Schedule A,

(iv) a bylaw or resolution of a corporation or local authority, unless the bylaw or resolution is identified in schedule A,

(v) that part of a regulation, as defined in the Interpretation Act, that is adopted or incorporated by reference, or

(vi) a regulation, as defined in the Interpretation Act, identified in Schedule B.

*Jurisdictions may wish to use another word or phrase.


2. The (minister) may appoint a person as Registrar of Regulations.

Effect only if deposited

3. (1) A regulation has no effect unless it or a copy of it is deposited with the registrar.

(2) The registrar shall make regulations deposited with him available for inspection at his office during regular office hours.

Effect when deposited

4. A regulation or part of a regulation comes into force on the date of its deposit unless

(a) a later date is specified in the regulation, or

(b) an earlier date is specified in the regulation, and the Act under which the regulation is made authorizes the regulation to come into force on the earlier date

Publication within one month

5. The registrar shall publish in the Gazette each regulation deposited with him.

Consequence of non-publication

6. A regulation that is not published in the Gazette is ineffective against a person unless he has had actual notice of the regulation.

Exemption from publication

7. (1) The (minister) may by regulation exempt a regulation from publication in the Gazette if he considers that

(a) it is or will be available to persons who are likely to be affected by it, and

(b) it is of a length to render publication in the Gazette impractical or unduly expensive.

Exemption of maps, etc.

(2) Where a regulation includes a map, illustration, plan, diagram, photograph, graph, table or any other similar document or thing, the (minister) may by regulation exempt that part of the regulation from publication.

Notice of exemption

(3) The (minister) shall include in a regulation made under this section a notice indicating where and when the unpublished regulation or part of the regulation may be inspected.

Non-application of section 6

8. After publication of a regulation made under section 7, section 6 does not apply to the regulation or part of the regulation that is exempted from publication.

Proof of deposit

9. A certificate that purports to be signed by the registrar to the effect that a regulation was deposited with the registrar on a specified date is evidence that it was deposited on the date specified.


10. The Lieutenant Governor in Council may make regulations

(a) prescribing the form, numbering and arrangement of regulations,

(b) prescribing fees for copies of regulations provided by the registrar,

(c) providing for the consolidation, revision and re-publication of regulations,

(d) adding to Schedule A, and

(e) deleting from Schedule B.


11. A regulation as defined in this Act that would under the former Act be effective without being filed under that Act ceases to have effect one year after the coming into force of this Act unless

(a) it was filed under the former Act,

(b) it was exempted from filing under the former Act, or

(c) it is deposited under this Act,

but if the regulation is deposited after the end of that year it becomes effective on the date of its deposit.

Schedule A


Schedule B


Note: Jurisdictions may with to substitute "Lieutenant Governor in Council" for "Minister".

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