Older Uniform Acts

Uniform Vital Statistics Act (1987)

Marriage registration

16. (1) Immediately after a person authorized by law solemnizes a marriage in (enacting jurisdiction) he or she shall prepare a statement in the prescribed form respecting the marriage, and the statement shall be signed by

(a) each of the parties to the marriage,

(b) at least 2 adult witnesses to the marriage, and

(c) the person who solemnized the marriage.

(2) The person who solemnized the marriage shall, within 7 days after the marriage, deliver or mail the completed statement to the division registrar.

(3) On the receipt within one year after a marriage of a completed statement in prescribed form respecting the marriage, the division registrar, if satisfied as to its truth and sufficiency, shall register the marriage.

Marriage registration by director

17. Where a marriage is not registered within one year after the marriage, if application for its registration is

(a) made by any person to the director in the prescribed form,

(b) verified by statutory declaration, and

(c) accompanied by a statement in the prescribed form respecting the marriage and other evidence as may be prescribed,

the director shall register the marriage if satisfied as to the truth and sufficiency of the matters stated in the application and that the application is made in good faith.

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