Older Uniform Acts

Uniform Vital Statistics Act (1987)

Annulment registration

18. (1) On receipt of a statement in the prescribed form respecting the annulment of a marriage, the director shall record the annulment and delete the registration of marriage.

(2) Where a marriage solemnized in another jurisdiction is annulled in (enacting jurisdiction), the director, on receipt of the statement respecting the annulment, shall transmit a certified copy of the order, judgment or decree to the person having charge of registration of marriages in the jurisdiction in which the marriage was solemnized.

[NOTE: In a jurisdiction that does not have a provision in its Judicature Act or similar legislation requiring that a statement respecting each annulment of marriage be forwarded to the director by the court, an additional subsection so requiring should be inserted as subsection (1).

In jurisdictions that do not receive a "statement" apt words should be inserted to describe the nature of the document used for the registration.]

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