Older Uniform Acts

Uniform Vital Statistics Act (1987)

Search of records

30. (1) Any person, on applying, furnishing information satisfactory to the director and paying the prescribed fee, may, if the director is satisfied that the search information is not to be used for an unlawful or improper purpose, have a search made by the director

(a) for the registration of any birth, stillbirth, marriage, death, change of name or annulment of marriage, or

(b) for the record of any baptism, marriage or burial placed on file in the office of the director under section 27.

(2) The director shall make a report on the search which shall state only the following information:

(a) whether or not the birth, stillbirth, marriage, death, change of name, annulment of marriage, baptism or burial is registered or recorded;

(b) if registered, its registration number.

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