Older Uniform Acts

Uniform Vital Statistics Act (1987)

Notice of birth

2. The medical practitioner or other person who assumes responsibility for the delivery of a child at birth shall, within ...days after the birth, deliver or mail to the division registrar a notice of the birth in the prescribed form.

Reporting of birth

3. (1) Within 30 days after the birth of a child in (enacting jurisdiction),

(a) the mother and the father of the child,

(b) the child's mother, if the father is incapable or is unacknowledged by or unknown to the mother,

(c) the child's father if the mother is incapable,

(d) if neither parent is capable, or if the mother is incapable and the father is unacknowledged by or unknown to her, the person standing in the place of the parents of the child, or

(e) if there isn o person to whom clause (a), (b), (c) or (d) applies, any person who has knowledge of the birth of the child,

shall complete and deliver or mail a statement in the prescribed form respecting the birth to the division registrar.

(2) If the statement is made by a person under subsection (1)(b), (c), (d) or (e), the person making the statement shall make and submit with the statement a statutory declaration of the facts that require the statement to be made by the declarant.

(3) If a pregnancy results in the birth of more than one child, a separate statement for each child shall be completed and delivered or mailed as provided in subsection (1), and each statement shall state the number of children born and their order of birth.

(4) A statement shall contain particulars of the mother and, if the father makes the statement, particulars of the father.

(5) Where a statement completed by only one parent of the child or by a person who is not the child's parent is registered, the director shall amend the statement on application of any of the following persons:

(a) the child's mother and father together;

(b) the child's mother, if the father is incapable or is unacknowledged by or unknown to the mother;

(c) the child's father, if the mother is incapable.

(6) If one parent applies to amend the statement without the other because the other parent is incapable, a statutory declaration of the fact shall be attached to the application.

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