Older Uniform Acts

Uniform Vital Statistics Act (1987)


38. (1) A person who contravenes this Act or the regulations commits an offence.

[NB: Each jurisdiction should set its own penalties if needed.]

(2) Where more than one person is required to give notice, or to register, or to furnish a statement, certificate or particulars required under or pursuant to this Act and the duty is carried out by any of those persons, the other or others are not liable.


39. The Lieutenant Governor in Council may make regulations

(a) establishing and varying the boundaries of registration divisions in the Province,

(b) prescribing the forms to be used in carrying out the provisions of this Act,

(c) prescribing the duties of the director,

(d) prescribing the duties of and records to be kept by the division registrars,

(e) prescribing the information and returns to be furnished to the director and fixing the times when the information and returns are to be transmitted,

(f) fixing the times when division registrars shall forward registrations to the director,

(g) for the registration of births, marriages, deaths, stillbirths, annulments of marriage and adoptions, and for the recording of changes of name, in cases not otherwise provided for in this Act,

(h) prescribing the fees to be paid for searches, certificates and anything done or permitted to be done under this Act and providing for the waiver of payment of any fee in favour of any person or class of person,

(i) designating the persons who may sign registrations,

(j) prescribing the evidence on which the director may register a birth, stillbirth, marriage or death after one year has elapsed,

(k) requiring persons in charge of hospitals to make returns of the births of all children born in hospitals, and

(l) for the purpose of effectively securing observance of this Act, and generally for the better carrying out of its provisions and obtaining the information required under it.


(section 37(2))

[NOTE: Jurisdictions should determine their own list pursuant to section 37(2). Birth and death indices provided to the federal agency responsible for social insurance numbers and the local superannuation branches were given as examples.]


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