Older Uniform Acts

Uniform Vital Statistics Act (1987)


8. (1) Where a new born child is found deserted, the person who finds the child, and any person in whose charge the child may be, shall give to the division registrar within 7 days after the finding or taking charge of the child, information possessed as to the particulars required to be registered concerning the birth of the child.

(2) The division registrar, on receipt of the information regarding the birth of the child and on being satisfied that every reasonable effort has been made to identify the child, shall

(a) require the person who found or has charge of the child

(i) to complete a statutory declaration concerning the facts of the finding of the child, and

(ii) to complete, so far as the person is able, the statement required under section 3(1),

(b) cause the child to be examined by the local medical officer of health or a medical practitioner with a view to determining as nearly as possible the date of the birth of the child,

(c) require the examiner to make a statutory declaration setting forth the facts as determined by the examination, and

(d) make a detailed report of the case and transmit it, together with the evidence regarding the birth of the child, to the director.

(3) A medical practitioner shall be paid out of the consolidated revenue fund the prescribed fee for an examination made by the medical practitioner under subsection (2).

(4) The director, on receipt of the report and the evidence under subsection (2), shall review the case and, if satisfied as to the correctness and sufficiency of the matters stated, shall determine for the child a date and place of birth, a surname and a given name and shall register the birth with that information.

(5) The director, on registering a birth under this section, shall transmit forthwith to the (Superintendent of Child Welfare) a copy of all documents respecting the child received under this section.

(6) If, subsequent to the registration of a birth under this section, the identity of the child is established to the satisfaction of the director or further relevant information is received, the director shall

(a) add to or correct the registration of birth made under this section, or

(b) cancel the registration of birth made under this section and cause a new registration in accordance with the actual facts of the birth to be made and filed in substitution for the registration first made under this section.

(7) Where a new registration of the birth of a child is made under subsection (6), the date of registration shall be as shown on the registration first made.

(8) The director shall notify the (Superintendent of Child Welfare) forthwith of any action taken under subsection (6).

(9) Where a person has received a certificate issued in respect of the registration of the birth of a child made under subsection (4), if the registration is cancelled under subsection (6), that person shall deliver or mail the certificate to the director for cancellation if the director requires.

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