Older Uniform Acts

Uniform Vital Statistics Act (1987)

Stillbirth Registration

11. Where a stillbirth occurs, the person who would have been responsible for the reporting of it under section 3, if it had been a birth, shall complete and deliver or mail to the funeral director a statement in the prescribed form respecting the stillbirth.

(2) The medical practitioner in attendance at a stillbirth or, where there is no medical practitioner in attendance, any other medical practitioner or a coroner shall complete the medical certificate included in the prescribed form showing the cause of the stillbirth and shall deliver or mail it to the funeral director.

(3) On receipt of the statement, the funeral director shall complete the statement setting forth the proposed date and place of burial, cremation or other disposition of the body and shall deliver or mail the statement to the division registrar.

(4) On receipt of the statement the division registrar shall register the stillbirth.

(5) On the registration of a stillbirth, the division registrar shall forthwith prepare and deliver to the person requiring them for the purpose of the burial, cremation or other disposition of the body of the stillborn child an acknowledgment that the stillbirth is registered and a burial permit.

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