Older Uniform Acts

Uniform Vital Statistics Act (1987)


Change of sex

12. (1) Where a persons anatomical sex structure has been changed to a sex other than that which appears on the persons birth certificate, the director, on production of

(a) an affidavit of 2 medical practitioners, each affidavit stating that the anatomical sex of the person has changed, and

(b) evidence satisfactory to the director as to the identity of the person, shall

(c) if the birth of the person is registered in (enacting jurisdiction) record the change of sex, and

(d) if the birth of the person is registered outside (enacting jurisdiction), transmit to the officer in charge of the registration of births in the jurisdiction in which the person is registered, a copy of the proof of the change of sex produced to the director.

(2) Every birth certificate issued after recording the change of sex under this section shall be issued as if the registration had been made with the sex as changed.

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