Older Uniform Acts

Charitable Fundraising Act


Gross contributions

1.(1)  For the purposes of the Act, gross contributions for a financial year shall be calculated by adding together the following, subject to subsections (2) and (3):
1.  All cash received during the financial year and all cheques received that have cleared during the financial year, including bequests and amounts received from other charities.
2.  The value, as determined by the charity, of all goods and services received as contributions during the financial year, including any property that is subject to conditions or to a trust.
3.  The cash surrender value of all life insurance policies that are transferred to the charity during the financial year.
4.  The amount of life insurance premiums that donors pay directly to insurers on behalf of the charity during the financial year.
(2)  If a charity gives a receipt for the purposes of the Income Tax Act (Canada) in respect of a contribution, the amount to be included in gross contributions is the amount specified in the receipt.
(3)  The following shall not be included in gross contributions:
1.  Contributions that have been pledged but not actually received.
2.  Contributions that are received as a result of solicitations to which the Act does not apply.

Prescribed amount

2.  For the purposes of sections 10 and 14 of the Act, the prescribed amount is $25,000.
Standards of practice
3.  The standards of practice set out in the Schedule are prescribed for the purposes of sections 21 and 32 of the Act.

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2020 Annual Meeting

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